Never Give Feedback To Your Boss!

You don’t give feedback to your boss even if he’s a complete dumb. Or especially if he’s dumb.

The only option is to change him, but it’s hardly possible to do it via return shipping, or via an online petition, even if it’s trendy these days.

A long time ago someone told me you can’t piss against the wind without getting a few sprinkles on your clothes. A boss cannot simply do only bad stuff all the time and get away with it. Sooner or later will show: either wet, stained or stinky.

By contesting a decision the boss already took won’t do any good but will aggravate the implementation process with all the incurred risks, in other words, will just create more confusion.

feedback boss

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If you have a stupid boss, you can change him by pushing your “eject” button, a process commonly known as “resignation”. You need to acknowledge that it’s very unlikely that he/she will change. All the “British scientists” memes in the world will tell you that usually, people leave bosses, not companies. There are also two other options, less usual though, to get fired or promoted.

Generally, the boss has some arguments when taking a decision and in many cases, you don’t know the “helicopter view”.

We are not counting here the ones who preach “the decision came from the top, I know it’s bullshit, but we have to implement it”. If you are this type of manager, you will probably stand alone and blame others and your people will not follow you. There is a great chance that by doing this you will cause your subordinates to do the same when it comes to a decision you took.

Criticizing your boss on a decision he already took, has the following disadvantages:

  • You will be suspected for undermining his authority;
  • It’s extremely unlikely that he will revise the decision and admit to being wrong;
  • Even if you are right, he will do everything possible to debunk all your arguments… at least in the first stage;
  • If you constantly do this and you are always the negative element, you’ll get stuck with a label that might affect you in the future.

Never criticize the boss when there are other people around.

Don’t spread gossips, it won’t help.

I wouldn’t want you to interpret this a humility lesson and adopt an adulatory attitude. I only wish to say that generally, a decision (including yours) once final, must be taken into consideration and implemented accordingly.

The boss is the official representative of the company and his decisions reflect the company’s directions. We are NOT talking now about the same stupid boss…

An adequate way to give feedback to your boss is when he asks for your opinion, and only then you can and should provide your arguments in an intelligent and considerate manner!

If after these discussions, a decision you don’t agree with came up, you’d have to respect it and apply it according to the plan. “Grow up & move on”, there are sometimes decisions you don’t agree with, it’s not all the battles that need to be won. If the decisions go against with what you feel and you simply cannot accept them, sooner or later you’d join those that leave their boss.

One of the main roles of the hierarchy in the companies are the different areas of responsibility and power of command. Often, decisions are made in the proverbial “burial order” manner and even if you don’t like it, they should be treated as such every time.

Good luck succeeding!