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Week 41 Inspiration 2017

Loyal customers who will advocate on your behalf often have a strong emotional connection to your company

Week 39 Inspiration 2017

The mark of great leadership is not only found in what you say, but in how you say it

Week 38 Inspiration 2017

Focusing on your work while the workspace is full of distractions can be very tricky

Week 37 Inspiration 2017

Managing the brain well provides the foundation for a healthy and successful approach to work and to life

Week 36 Inspiration 2017

Leaders should make clear the relationship between the work that employees do on a daily basis and company results

Week 34 Inspiration 2017

It is critical you spend time in a way that brings an investment back on your time
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Week 33 Inspiration 2017

We can choose to adjust our attitudes and let go of all our worries about everything we can’t control
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Week 32 Inspiration 2017

Remote working does require some extra effort, but the flexibility it offers appeals to most people
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Week 31 Inspiration 2017

Your team needs to be infected with your beliefs, not the beliefs of someone who would provide them with excuses

Week 30 Inspiration 2017

Our minds concentrate on the negative for our survival, but rarely remind us of all of our wins

Week 29 Inspiration 2017

The human brain typically comprises about two percent of our body weight, but consumes roughly 20 percent of our metabolic energy.

Week 28 Inspiration 2017

Whatever your reasons are for giving up, it’s because you’ve convinced yourself it’s too difficult to continue on

Week 27 Inspiration

To achieve career growth and recognition, you need to keep learning and growing