14 Minutes a Day

Yes, you read it well: 14 minutes every day, meaning 1% out of the 1,440 minutes that a day has. 14 minutes in which you plan what to do during that particular day. I have first heard of this concept from Tom Ziglar.

14 minutes

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This thing with planning has a very important role when you want to reach a goal: from days/weeks allotted for vacation or buying a car to earning some extra time daily. If you are too sleepy in the morning to do this, you can plan this the evening before.

Why would you “waste” 14 minutes every day:

  • Because no matter how busy you are and also regardless of the time that you don’t have, you can allot this time just for you;
  • Because you’ll have a more clear picture about your priorities and according to how bad the “forecast” looks for the next hours, you won’t get caught with your pants down;
  • To set the three most important tasks of the day and schedule them for the first part of the day;
  • This exercise may also help you when you are not at work. Yes, planning is useful even in the real private life;
  • You will achieve more and more tasks at the same time and this is called progress;
  • You will reduce the lost time;
  • It helps a lot to realize how much you achieve during that day/month, presuming you put down the plan for the day;
  • Because on Sunday evening or Monday morning it will be a lot easier to plan/assign for the following week;
  • Because it helps to revise daily, yes, daily, the long term objectives;
  • Because you cannot control time, but you can choose what to do with your time;
  • Because people tend to forget things;
  • Because you can combine different activities at the same time, if you are aware of them;
  • Because it’s the best time to decide to whom to delegate, even if you don’t have subordinates;
  • Because it reduces the stress level by eliminating the nagging thought that you have something left to do;
  • Because you can 🙂

When you allot 14 minutes every day for planning, don’t let anything else distract you, starting with your cellphone – the biggest enemy of present days. Set it on airplane mode.

I plan my whole day with the calendar and Google Drive, especially in Docs. The classic “paper” calendars seem to work against me, not for me. The calendar grabs me by the ear when some task is due, while the classic one doesn’t. Docs files are synced on all mobile devices and all ideas are put there. Plus, a simple search can immediately lead me to what I did 4 years ago.

After you planned, you should have an evaluation method for each action. Only if you want to know how you “performed”.

Good luck planning!

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