Are You Arrogant?

The arrogant stamp can be won easily and sometimes there is no difference between an authentic arrogant and an (over) confident person.

Well, if you are high-maintenance and don’t see when you’re about to step in some “lucky poo”, you may be misinterpreted as arrogant. You may simply have hour head in the clouds, the kind that lives exclusively in the thin air of the peaks.


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If you can’t make a difference between confidence and arrogance, you have greater chance to fall on the negative side. Here are a few symptoms:

  • You interrupt people when they talk;
  • You disrespect people;
  • You don’t pay attention, you are frequently late;
  • You often criticize others, they can’t reach your level anyway, no matter if we talk about other people or about the competition;
  • You have to do everything; others are simply NOT UP to it!
  • You want to be good at everything, disregarding that it’s not your field of expertise or that there are others better than you;
  • If the result is good you take credit for it, but if it’s bad it’s someone else’s fault;
  • You can never be wrong, ‘cause you are perfect;
  • The sun rises simply to shine on your hairdo and sets to light up your arse;
  • Being always perfect makes you reject feedback;
  • You frequently say “I am the only one who can do it!”;
  • You don’t listen to others, as if you invented the donut hole;
  • You don’t acknowledge your boundaries and don’t admit your mistakes;
  • You have no respect for other people’s qualities;
  • You get bothered when others are successful;
  • You feel the need to demonstrate to others that they are stupid;
  • You talk too loud;
  • You talk about yourself, not “us”;
  • You beg for validation from others;
  • No matter the field or subject, you know everything and will always claim that you do more and better than others.

Sometimes the arrogant goes beyond its job duties and turns into a jerk, a turn which is quite obvious.

Good luck succeeding!

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