With This Attitude…

Many times we get hung up on the attitude whenever an employee doesn’t meet our standards. We are not all the same, which is perfectly normal, but we keep forgetting that every employee will come upon “the attitude…” of his superior, at least once during their career. You thought that a manager cannot have a b*llshit attitude?


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If you looked at the picture above, it’s obvious that the “victim’s” attitude is not exactly as it should. When confronted with it, the first thing they will do is to deny that this is their regular behavior. This may also be true unless the neighbors on the branch share the same “symptoms”.

It’s easy to identify the “striker” and you can also guess the “diagnosis”, but you have to ask yourself if this is the real deal or not. Most of the times, a bad attitude is nothing but a defense mechanism based on a mix of past experiences and personality features.

You have a bad attitude when you ignore a customer or treat them as if they bothered you while watching a movie, but forget you are the cinema usher.

A wrong diagnosis is when the employee contradicts the boss and the latter has only one opinion about it: your attitude sucks ‘cause you can’t talk back to the boss.

Don’t misinterpret a wrong attitude for a wrong behavior, it’s one thing to be muttered by a subordinate and another for them to ignore their job duties.

A wrong attitude can have as consequences an unpleasant environment, under performance, discontented customers and many others.

How do I recognize a wrong attitude, no matter if you are a manager or “merely” an employee:

  • you frown;
  • you constantly have negative comments. Nothing pleases you;
  • you display boredom;
  • you are often late;
  • you show a lack of engagement;
  • you don’t care about the others;
  • you don’t smile;
  • you pout, you roll your eyes;
  • the employer, the manager, and the clients – they all suck. All of them!

On the other hand, don’t ever wish to be surrounded by “Yes Men”, they are even more harmful than the ones with a bad attitude.

The right or wrong attitude can be encouraged or discouraged and it’s your duty as manager or colleague to display the opposite attitude toward that particular person.

The good news is that “attitude” can be influenced, but the bad news is that it can be influenced both ways.

Good luck treating Attitudinitis!

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