Why Can’t You Be Nice?

I know that you experienced several times some misbehavior, and the person you interacted with showed an immense carelessness in that particular moment, so under no circumstance, they can’t be nice.

be nice

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I am only referring to normal circumstances because such individuals will immediately change attitude if a manager is close or if they get some “gratification”. Don’t think that this applies only to men, there are plenty of women who don’t cease to amaze us daily.

We all have bad day(s), but if your main objective is to make others feel miserable, you’d better take it somewhere else, if your behavior doesn’t change.

Let’s not forget that kindness should be a default state for each of us and not only when it is “activated” by something/someone else. Also, let’s not confuse phony flattery with civility.

What can you do to make your customers feel good? I mean all those interacting with you, colleagues, subordinates, superiors, the janitor or external clients:

  • Give them the benefit of doubt. Not all of them are some miserable people willing to burn you;
  • Be amiable and moreover disobliging;
  • In case you are having a hard time, it won’t help spreading around your mood;
  • If others are not nice to you, paying it back won’t ever help. Don’t answer to loathing with loathing;
  • Don’t act like a clown either, it may backfire;
  • Smile, life is beautiful;
  • Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes;
  • Trust yourself;
  • Be respectful and patient with other people;
  • Listen. Patiently, there is no hurry;
  • You can be kind with people you don’t know;
  • Call people by their name, while you smile at them (and keep smiling).

Some people have it in their nature to be nice and cheery all the time. I have some colleagues in Customer Service department who smile every single time. They are the kind of persons who can transform any kind of day in a very good day with their energy and humor. And so you know, they also perform very well and have excellent feedback from customers.

For all the others, who aren’t built to be nice and amiable, some effort in this direction won’t hurt. You can do it! Especially that nobody is born grumpy, life got them in that state.

Good luck succeeding!

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