Be On Time No Matter What

No matter if it’s about meetings, dates, movies or DEADlines, you need to be on time.

Actually, if you get there in time you are already late.

be on time

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If you are not punctual, you create a reputation of being always late and it really sucks when people think of you that way. In case this is your normal behavior, there is a great chance you do the same with meetings, emails, phone calls, shift change, on the principle “I have just a tiny thing left to do”.

If you don’t answer your emails in due time, it’s like meeting someone down the street: they say Hi and you turn your head the opposite way.

Let’s start with your schedule: if you start work at nine and get there at nine, you’d start work a little late ‘cause you have to consider your everyday routine and habits: coffee, cigarette, morning gossip, politics, networking, etc. If you work in a department that has a direct connection with customers, I am expecting you to already answer the phone or open the door at 9. Imagine a pharmacist opening the door of the drugstore at exactly 10… you won’t be pleased to wait until he/she is able to serve you. You are probably in a hurry, no one goes to the drugstore to check the latest painkillers offer.

Getting ready for a meeting should be a similar experience, no matter what your position in the company is. If not, maybe you shouldn’t participate or delegate someone from the very start. Don’t waste time with not so important meetings just because you have to check in.

For a meeting, you should prepare for, especially when you have to hold a presentation. Another very important part is the networking before, no matter if it’s about football, global warming, politics or cookie recipes and you are not into any of these. It’s the best way to find out what is everyone else interested in.

DON’T “work” on your laptop or your phone during meetings, it shows disrespect from your side and points exactly what your attitude towards others is.

Better than showing up to the count, you do something elsewhere, it’s best for everyone. If you are holding the meeting and people look for an excuse not to participate, you should see what do you need to change. Fast!

Some people just cannot be on time. Even when they wake up at 6, they cannot reach the 9 o’clock meeting and this is not necessarily defiant to the others, they simply cannot make it. This behavior may lead them to lose their job, friends or start endless conversations with their partner.

There are cases when “I have plenty of time” will affect them so much, they inevitably end up being late. I mean when you know you have a meeting at noon, but at 11:50 you tell yourself you have plenty of time to do something else, you actually put on snooze the 12 o’clock meeting.

Don’t make a promise to be on time, but to get there 10 minutes early. Anything can intervene in the meantime: spending more than expected in traffic, being unable to find a parking spot, forgetting the business cards in the car, getting to the wrong address, floor or even forgetting the person you are supposed to meet.

Don’t worry about getting bored if you get there early, smartphones era will make sure you find something to do.

“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” William Shakespeare

If you are late and unable to be punctual, the best you can do is let the other know, they might think something awful happened to you.

If you are already late six times this week and is just Tuesday, you might have a problem you are not ready to admit.
Good luck being on time!

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