A Boss’ Challenges

The boss position comes not only with obvious benefits, but also with some nasty stuff. Well, we all choose (at least in theory) what we wish to do with our career, but when your decisions affect more people and even families, it may not seem that much fun anymore.


As any other job, being a boss has its downsides and the simple fact that people “work for you” doesn’t make it easy, on the contrary – it’s making it hard. It will be hypocritical to say it sucks being a boss, but it’s up to you to manage the less pleasant aspects of the job.

Being a boss is about managing people, not numbers!

Among the many good things you benefit from being a boss, below there are a few not so good ones:

  • Sometimes you have to make some painful decisions, such as “amputation up to the shoulder of an ankle tumor” in order to save the patient;
  • You will have to let go of a few toxic people that have a negative impact on the whole team;
  • You come across many situations that need solving and you cannot apply the same remedy every time. You don’t get a drawer full of solutions to be pulled out whenever necessary;
  • You can take some bad decisions;
  • Everyone looks at you and every stupid thing, big or small, will be easily noticed;
  • You are not granted the benefit of a doubt;
  • You are the example and your (bad) decisions create a precedent;
  • Your subordinates copy your moves and please you to get on your good side. You cannot condemn them, there’s a chance you are doing it as well;
  • Even if you are a bad boss, people will still copy you;
  • You have a boss of your own;
  • You have to rush (sometimes in a forcible manner) things/people;
  • You will be sabotaged;
  • There are moments when no matter if you are at home, on a holiday or during the weekend, you have to work;
  • You cannot leave all thoughts at the office, most often you take them home;
  • You’d have to implement things you don’t agree with;
  • You’d have to manage other people’s conflicts, even when you are not directly involved;
  • You will receive a lot of spam: email, phone calls, visits;
  • You have a natural tendency to take sides when it’s about your people, even when they are not right;
  • It will be hard to manage former colleagues when you become their boss;
  • You CANNOT become friends (in the true sense) with your subordinates;
  • You must weigh your every sentence;
  • The amount of work may grow overnight for you and your team and you have to handle it;
  • You represent the company and this means you cannot complain. It’s like telling your kid he/she needs to wash their hands even if it’s unpleasant, because it was already decided and you cannot influence it;
  • There are situations you cannot simply escape from;
  • You must manage poor performance and inadequate attitude and most of the times people don’t accept easily such “discussions”;
  • If something goes wrong, it will probably get worse unless you take some actions; only in rare cases things get solved without intervention;
  • Your actions can easily offend people, and there is no excuse for it, no matter the pressure you’re subjected to or the way your boss treats you. If he is a jackass, doesn’t mean you should “cascade” the same thing;
  • You sometimes feel acting like a “normal human being” with all the exterior signs, but you can’t;
  • You are not there to be “nice” and accept any proposition from your employees. You must take into consideration that your decisions must be righteous, keeping also a healthy dose of “humanity”.

When more people become your responsibility, you are some kind of boss, no matter what the business card states and the main attribution is acting truly responsible.

Well BO$$, you’re about to have a glitch anyway, but remember that your team’s performance is actually your performance and you should treat people as such!

Good (luck) managing!

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