Are You Busy Working or Just Busy?

Legend states that if you have a few papers in your hand and you walk hastily on the hallways, general perception will be that you must be very busy. Unfortunately or fortunately, it’s not good enough to do this and think that you are efficient.

busy working

One day, the employees were asked with much effusion, to remove all the cars from the parking lot; they were supposed to get signaling plates during an operation that both plain and quick. So this was settled! After three days, the parking lot was jammed again due to plates delivery… below is the dialogue occurred after delivery.

– Why weren’t they installed on the first day?

– We didn’t have them, they just arrived. On the first day, we pounced the holes and today we are installing the plates!

I mean, if you have a boss with no sense of logic and respect towards you as an employee, and also makes you do something so counterproductive – you might as well organize your own agenda so you are not wasting your time.

Nobody will “scold” you if you will be better or more efficient, even if this may sometimes mean you are making things differently. If you did your job very well and in a shorter period, nobody will question it on the matter of different approach. Of course, it’s best not to do anything or stupid.

As long as you finish your task quicker and more effective, the sooner you’ll get more time for you and your personal development (or leisure).

Or you can pretend to be working so time passes more quickly up to 5 o’clock when work hours end and declare yourself happy you endured another hard day’s work.

Good Luck Succeeding!

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