The Importance of Calendar Planning

Organizing activities in a calendar is similar to a doctor’s appointment. Imagine the chaos if all the patients would go to the doctor whenever they feel, with or without having an emergency. If everyone has an emergency, the doctor (not the E.R) will start establishing priorities according to severity or to his/her preference, but in the end some patient may not get treated at all.


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It’s better though to organize your schedule in such a manner that it comprises all you want to achieve in a certain period and this is not only about those already affected by a hint of amnesia.

I have given up my appointments diary (agenda) for over 5 five years now. The reason I did it is because I started working for it, not the other way round. Using the agenda, you always have to check your appointments/tasks, while an electronic calendar, regardless of the app you choose, can send you notifications. This means it works for you and gives you a better image of the work week.

Another major advantage is that if offers the flexibility to adapt it to your needs. Also, you are always connected to your phone, even on the potty (some get very creative while in there) or the shower.

What can you do to ease your work with a calendar:

  • You should assign a color to the meetings, one to main tasks (yes, you have to allocate some time for this) and another color to the  reminders;
  • The calendar is not just a place where you plan your meetings, is also a visual representation of your plan of activities, prioritized to your needs;
  • Don’t build YOUR calendar based on someone else’s priorities;
  • Start filling the calendar according to family priorities, which are more important than the job…;
  • Don’t set activities longer than two hours, it’s the longest time you’ll be productive, except for holidays. Yes, the holiday should also be in the calendar, precisely if you don’t want to ruin your schedule when you aren’t available;
  • Set a timing for managing emails, especially if you can’t follow the rule of reading them three times per day and not constantly;
  • Assign some time for one-on-one meetings with your direct reports. It’s a must!
  • You must plan the most important/hard activities/meetings, according to the time you are the most productive;
  • Synchronize the calendar with the same app on the phone/tablet and make sure that using the calendar will help you finish your tasks with enough flexibility – moving from one device to the other (almost) any of the daily duties;
  • Add other people to shared activities and they’d have an extra shot of not forgetting what they have to do on a joint task.

Last, remember that not even the calendar method is 100% efficient, not even when used properly every 28 days.

Good luck planning!

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