Milk-free Cappuccino

After the success of an original product, there are plenty of people who gonna say they are not good enough and they were expecting the alcohol free beer or the milk free cappuccino.


Photo Pixabay

Well, there is no milk free cappuccino and I exaggerated on purpose but I wanted to emphasize that there are endless possibilities. From non-alcoholic beer with its well-known benefits, to the fizzy soft drinks with “the exact same taste”, you won’t be able to fool an “expert”. I mean those who can tell apart Nutella from any other copies, because there seems to be an illegally high number of people claiming they taste alike 🙂

As history showed, some new product are developed to cover a need or springs by mistake. For example, legend states that non-alcohol beer was invented in US in 1919 at the same time as prohibition, but European history claims low alcohol beer was here since the Middle Ages as an option to drinking water. While this sort of beer represents less than 1% out of the “normal” beer sales, with variations of up to 6.7% in the Muslim countries. The very existence of such alternatives can create their own market.

The caffeine free coffee is another eloquent example and it appears that 10% of coffee fans also try the “decaf” version.

What’s next:

  • Non-alcoholic wine is a bad joke, but there are some people persisting with the hope that technology will help them reach a reasonable product;
  • Meatless grill;
  • Non-veggie vegetarians;
  • Honest politicians (there are some exceptions as an error margin, for sure);
  • Waterless pool;
  • No battery laptop;
  • Ad free Facebook;
  • Odorless public transport;
  • No manager corporation, even there are some holocracy atempts;
  • Cell phones with no conversations… oh, wait;
  • No driver car… oh, wait;
  • Courier companies without the last mile delivery… oh, wait.

From the series of products discovered by mistake, I would like to mention the post-it created as adhesive with not so good glue.

If your industry doesn’t have any of these, it’s not impossible that soon will be developed some versions you cannot even imagine right now.

Good luck being the original, not the copy!

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