Company Parties

On a holiday topic: some of you may already have had the company parties, so you can now look over the photos (or worse: the movies) and take pride in yourselves. Much expected by the employees, the company party unwinds mood at the end of the year and strengthen the relationships between colleagues.

company parties

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These semi-official gatherings have been and always will be an excellent reason to embarrass yourself and be subject to other’s critic. Not to mention that is a (un)reliable source of feedback to some for a good period of time (that is to say gossip material).

WTD (meaning what to do) at company parties:

  • Dress adequately, you don’t need to stand out. The exception from this rule are only themed parties and in this case, you shouldn’t go butt naked with  a (fire) hose as cloth;
  • Though attendance is optional, participation is recommended, don’t show everyone you don’t care about the team you work with;
  • You get the chance to speak with the superiors in an informal way, they are human you know, even if not all of them (according to your perception). You may also get to chat with higher hierarchy, act natural, avoid being unsavory or adulatory;
  • If you see colleagues who sit alone and don’t get invited to anything, go and see if you can integrate them to the spirit of the party;
  • Have fun, this is the main goal of the party;
  • Socialize with colleagues you don’t get a chance to communicate with (or you don’t even know) normally.

WNTD (what not to do) at company parties:

  • Though the planets aligned for this, don’t gossip. I know, it will be very hard, but mixing gossip and alcohol can have fatal results;
  • Don’t drink too much. It’s one thing to drink a little to unwind and another to get drunk as a pig just ‘cause there is booze around. Many times, people show their true nature when they are drunk;
  • Don’t eat like the above-mentioned animal (oink), you don’t want to be the famished person who first learned about “all inclusive” services. Don’t despair, there is enough food for everyone, not just for the first 10 in the line;
  • It’s a real pleasure to talk to as many as possible, don’t settle for a “victim” and not leave their side for two hours. Less is sometimes nicer;
  • Don’t leave after 10 minutes, just to check-in the event, but also don’t be the last to leave;
  • Even if it’s tempting, you don’t need to find your soul mate that particular evening;
  • Don’t talk about work, there are other subjects in this world;
  • It’s not the appropriate time to tell everyone your boss is a duck or that the company sucks;
  • Don’t treat your subordinates as if (suddenly) they are your best friends;
  • Don’t dance as if no one is watching, because they are surely watching;
  • Don’t treat your colleagues, subordinates or superiors in a manner you wouldn’t at work. It’s the same environment, just a different location and working hours;
  • Don’t stand there looking into your phone and ignoring everyone else, the party is offline, not online;
  • Don’t act as if you escaped from prison and enjoy freedom;
  • Remember that what you “do” on Facebook can influence your career or a potential interview (and not only);
  • It’s not indicated to be the main topic of next day discussions, none of that talk is good;
  • Don’t drink & drive, doh!

Though you are at the company party and you are supposed to have fun, that’s why you went, you will be “scanned” by your superiors and a deviant behavior is not in your favor in spite of your considerations that’s a party after all.

And maybe, just maybe, you can put aside the wedding themed dancing such as Meneaito and try something new, from this century, such as Despacito, Gangnam Style or Happy.

Good luck enjoying yourself!

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