Conference Calls, Video Calls, and Corporate e-mails

If you are working or have worked for a corporation (or an enterprise in general) it’s impossible not to get involved in the “treats” mentioned in the title.

No matter on which side of the table you sit, don’t do what you hate to receive in return:

  • Be brief, don’t talk a lot without saying anything; you’d lose 90% of your audience if you are rambling. Consider that while you are reading this article, you are also searching for something more interesting to do because you don’t like its content; you are still compelled to stay focused until the end because the interlocutor is reading it to you from behind his screen;
  • Respect the other participants;
  • While you’re there actively participle, don’t just sit around;
  • In case you’re not bringing any added-value and no knowledge it’s getting to you, draw back, you certainly have something better to do.

Nonetheless, remember that time (and costs/money) you allocate to this action are multiplied by the number of participants. Is it really worth everyone’s time?

You have below a few examples, any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.


Video call in real life


Conf call in real life


e-mail in real life


Good Luck Succeeding on your calls!


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