We Constantly Learn

Since we were kids we had to constantly learn fast what happens when you touch the hot stove, because ‘the lesson’ is assimilated more quickly when you get ‘burnt’. It’s the same with your superiors, the best thing you can get from your career is to have a bad boss (or more than one). I can assure you that they are not all bad, thus you needn’t have to try them all 🙂

If you are in an unlikely 🙂 position to have a good boss, learn as much as you can from them and most certainly these experiences will serve a lot of help in the future so you can also help others.

Of course, there are moments when we think that we are a lot smarter than our superiors and kind of feel sorry for them. This should remind you about puberty when you thought that no matter what the parent says you know better, he or they are outdated anyway because times are different. After a while, the teenager becomes an adult and in some cases he realizes that parents aren’t such a mess and they only wanted to prepare him to face life, having in mind their own struggle.

In some cases, the parent or the boss actually goes wrong which makes the lesson even tougher.

I want to illustrate the idea above with a short story.

Once there was a drunk father who had twin boys and each boy went on a separate path in life. After many years one of them became an alcoholic also and the other was successful both on a personal and professional level. They were both asked the same question:

– How did you end up in this situation?

Both brothers gave the same answer:

– Because my father was a drunk and a failure…

Have you chosen your life path yet?

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