Don’t Just Stand There For Counting as Headcount!

I used to have a colleague who always gave the same answer when asked: “How are you?”: “Wellllllll (that lifeless and bored wellllllll), I am here for counting as headcount…”

Sadly, many times, out of lack of perspective or complete unwillingness to change something, we stick to a comfy job that’s not even gratifying and this shows.

I mean if you are there for the count, why don’t you act in a manner that makes time pass in a more pleasant way primarily for you? Otherwise, you will grow so weary of your job that eventually it will end up bad.counting as headcount

First of all, you shouldn’t be allowed to express such behavior as part of a team, contaminating others is the most damaging thing you can do. If you choose to have a shitty attitude (sorry, but no synonym can express it better, it is what it is), your colleagues haven’t done anything to deserve such treatment or be subjected to your indispositions.

So there is no place for far-fetched interpretations I am referring only to daily basis general conduct, not those bad days we are all entitled to as exceptions.

I think it’s pointless to emphasize that you spend most of your time at the office if we are to leave out the time you spend sleeping (literally, not counting the sleeping time on the job 🙂 ).

If you regularly have a distressing attitude, one that hurts you essentially, or if the employer doesn’t even begin to meet your standards, do everyone a favor and go someplace where everything will certainly be delightful and suddenly your behavior will radically change… NOT.

Good Luck Succeeding!

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