It is Unpleasant to be Criticized, But It Will Help You

It’s easy to spot someone else’s mistakes when they point out your mistakes, but “bugger off!” won’t ever help you.

The other one might make more mistakes than you, but such an approach is destructive. You can only succeed in pointing out your lack of interest in yourself. Imagine that you are driving and the person riding near you will tell you not to hit the breaks so sudden; every time you do it they zoom in up to the windshield, and your reply is that they laugh too loud every time they drink more than three beers.

 “I mean you, a clodhopper who embarrasses me in public, now you came to tell me that I can’t hit the breaks the way I want to?”


Even if you are right, there is no connection between the two and there is a great chance you won’t be warned when you are slipping again. Except, of course, the situation in which your boss’ objective is to point out that (nearly) everything you do is wrong.

If every time you get criticized you attack, in a short while no one will tell you anything and you’ll be living in an illusion. Blaming the old government or the crappy inheritance won’t be of any help either.

Want to do something for real?

Then stop looking at other people, think of ways to become better. Period.

If you want to change, learn to ask for feedback, no matter if you’re a leader or not, no matter if the professional experience is 25 days or 25 years. If you don’t want to change, you don’t have to do anything. Sure if you are perfect already you’ll never get to the end of this article, ‘cause no one tells you about re-inventing fire 🙂

Good luck succeeding on being criticized!

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