Are We Doing Our Best or Really Doing?

The phrase “We are doing our best to… “is very often used especially to cover yourself from “It didn’t work out, but we tried,”, but most of the times is just bullshit – you simply didn’t try hard enough.

When you rely on other people, you cannot guarantee that they’d do something, but can this also be applicable in your case? Did you do everything in your power or did you just try?

doing our best

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According to the British scientists from all over the world, there are two categories of people, those that say they’ll do and do and those who just say so.

You have to commit, not try to commit, and this is not an article meant to brainwash you. It’s not enough to wish in order to succeed, that’s a reason why we can’t all presidents.

The thing with fanatic optimism is that is completely stupid. You cannot look at a dirty street and serenely and dumbly affirm it’s clean and beautiful. You could instead start to clean up all the garbage so it gets clean; this is a much more realistic state of positivism.

Another example: I tried to answer a call, but didn’t succeed. First because I didn’t answer and second because I didn’t touch the green icon.

If you try to do something new, you are not going to make it on the first try, but abandoning after the first try is a guarantee you’ll never make it.

The word ‘try’ has for starters a high percentage of failure and you’d better replace it with something else: want, can, know, do.

If you don’t want to do something, why not say so from the start? No need to kid yourself into trying something you truly don’t want to do.

Don’t try not to bite your fingernails when you are stressed, just don’t bite them.

When I am in the mood, I don’t try to have a glass of wine, I actually drink it.

Good luck trying doing!

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