Extrovert or introvert

If you had to choose between being extrovert or introvert, whom will you choose to be? I am not saying that merely wishing to be different will help you change. You cannot turn into an extrovert when you are an introvert, maybe the other way around might work if you fake it “big time”.

extrovert or introvert

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According to the position you occupy, some jobs are incompatible with introverts or extrovert: an introvert can’t be a stand-up comedian or an extrovert be an undertaker.

There are also those that modestly pretend they took a bit of each personality, only the good stuff of course, since one cannot be 100% extrovert or introvert. Nonetheless, there are the ambiverts, meaning the majority, those who aren’t prevailingly extroverts nor introverts.

Without any doubt, each of the two personality types have their indisputable qualities and I will emphasize those.

How to characterize an extrovert and how can you work with him/her:

  • They draw energy from others;
  • You should respect their independence;
  • Honour them publicly;
  • Accept and encourage their enthusiasm;
  • Let them explore new things and boast about it;
  • Accept when they are taken up by stuff and leave them be;
  • Allow them to make choices;
  • They enjoy working in open spaces;
  • They like to be the center of attention;
  • Help them shine;
  • Just because they tell jokes and are the heart of the party, doesn’t mean you can treat them like buffoons;
  • Don’t think of them as shallow;
  • They make quick decisions;
  • They talk more than they listen;
  • They are easily distracted;
  • They accept change effortlessly.

How do you characterize an introvert and how can you work with him/her:

  • They think things through, introspection is one of their favorite activities;
  • When they say something, they surely weighed the words a long time, they don’t just play with words;
  • Don’t interrupt them, ‘cause if you do they’ll think you are not patient enough and they won’t repeat;
  • Don’t try to turn them into someone else;
  • They’d rather spend time alone than in the presence of others, in order to have some “room for maneuver”;
  • They won’t talk unless spoken to;
  • They need more tome to accept change, be tolerant with them;
  • They are excellent listeners, calm and can help in a very professional manner;
  • They listen more than they talk;
  • They are mysterious, they’d avoid standing out;
  • They prefer wearing headphones, even when they are not listening to music, the “do not disturb” sign is on;
  • They hold total control of their emotions, don’t play poker with them;
  • They love to be challenged and will constantly seek to outrun themselves;
  • They don’t like gossip;
  • Don’t force them to speak, they will do it when they feel comfortable with talking;
  • They are aware of their likes and dislikes, no room for compromise;
  • They don’t like being the center of attention;
  • They are loyal;
  • They are absorbed by what they do;
  • They prefer one-to-one discussions rather than group talks;
  • They “recharge” on their own, not in the crowd;
  • Respect their wish for intimacy;
  • Don’t make them feel bad in public;
  • Leave them time to think, don’t ask for quick answers as they will not provide a trivial one;
  • Don’t interrupt them;
  • Respect their choices.

Good luck handling your success, both on the inside and on the outside!

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