Gary Vaynerchuk: Do it for yourself and nobody else

Yesterday I attended the conference organized by Brandminds (who by the way has already updated the list of speakers for 2018). There, after a full day conference, the lead has been taken by Gary Vaynerchuk. Even if I have seen tens of his video blogs, plus hundreds of podcasts, this man keeps fascinating with his energy and genuineness.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Besides the highest density of fuck(ing) words per hour if you compare him with any other speaker in the world, his simple, yet a blunt way to explain things, gets you an unexpected number of ‘aha’ moments when you see him.

Gary has not discovered America (though he actually did) or the hole in the donut, but judging by the ease with which he “sees” things, one may guess he has some special lenses. Just to give an example: he immediately spotted the link between the roadside billboards (which no one notices because they turn on the phones when they are in a car as passengers) and the money thrown by the windows on those outdoor ads. So, wouldn’t be that money better spent with content for mobile devices? D’oh…

This man can talk for hours without losing any energy, and yesterday I saw him talking for five hours (during the conference & after party) with the same intensity and enthusiasm he started with.
When he talked about the lives of corporate employees, he was not very pleased with the idea that the multitude of restrictions and political correctness most often destroys the capacity to adapt very fast to the reality of today, be it about social media or the money thrown on TV commercials, banners or street signs.

“If marketing was math, it would be over by now. It’s not fucking that!” Gary Vaynerchuk

When I asked him about the way his children use mobile phones and tablets he told me that unlike other parents who act “politically correct”, he encourages his children to use them more because there is the future.

It generally talks about how entrepreneurship can change people and often gives examples from his personal life. Instead of a shitty entrepreneur, he definitely prefers a high performing corporate employee. Well, on that one, I told him that there is life outside entrepreneurship too and that not all employees dream to build their own business, as the story tells, happily ever after.

I liked very much the way he talks about his family, which he manages to keep away from all the public attention. Regardless of his workload, he appreciates that communication with his family is essential, helping him to maintain his balance.
Good luck succeeding. It’s your turn!

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