Do You Like Your Job?

If you like your job, let it show.

Last week I was away, very busy and also had a lot to do. My return flight home had a delay and I had minimum time in between the flights for my return.

Like your job

Well, it was Friday evening and the idea of not getting in time for my connection and arriving home to my family only on Saturday morning really sucked. Just before landing, Herr Pilot announced that we, the leftovers, will be lifted up by a “police like” van out of the runway. Literally.

When getting off the plane, we were greeted by three men dressed in the airline uniform who were checking passengers off a list for 6 other flights.

Our pilot was super cheery, but of course quite tense. We had only 20 minutes until taking off for the next flight. I asked if our luggage will enjoy the same preferential treatment. He smiled widely while answering somewhat sharply “I’ll tell you later!”

I answered even sharper, but in my mind, ‘cause I am a gentleman so I complied. He was still sorting passengers for each destination. After he gathered all of us, he invited us in the window van, and meanwhile, I found a moment to ask again about the luggage. He answered quickly “Get in please, I have good news” and hastily climbed on the driver’s seat. He drove up and started to explain very happy that he is our private driver and must take us safely to the planes. Now don’t think that the planes were simply standing by in the air waiting for us.

He explained that he had the confirmation of a second van leaving with our luggage to the connection flight, and everything should be just fine. We simply had to reach the security gate and passport check and then we are clear for take off. He took care of the “check points” so everything went smoothly.

Before reaching the other plane’s ladder, he highlighted the fact he personally arranged to be greeted as rock stars. He rushed on the stairs and wearing a pleasant smile he thanked each of us. He then ran back to the van to “deliver” the passenger for the other flight.

Well, this means loving your job!

The man had precise instructions for handling different tasks and situations, he had some clear KPI’s do’s which could have turned into under performing KPI don’t with serious implications. The other colleagues were probably instructed in the same direction. But he was the only one showing, from a distance, he liked his job. No pretense, you could actually see the satisfaction of a job done right on his face. And yes, we left on time, no delay.

If you like what you do, you are more likely to become the best in your field of expertise. Not for the company you work for, even if it might be a side effect, not for your boss and not for others, but for you. And this may also influence people around you.

Good luck succeeding!

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