When a Man Says He Will Do It, He Will Do It!

If a man says he will do it, then it must be true, you don’t have to ask him every 6 months when he’ll do it.

The only obstacle on his way is the postponement filled with other more simple or enjoyable things, called plainly procrastination. So there’s no discrimination, this behavior is widely spread among women, of course.

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Procrastination is a very old habit, invented long before corporations or the internet, don’t imagine that only modern men find excuses for not doing stuff. Even the famous Leonardo (of Florence, not from Titanic) did it for 16 years with Mona Lisa, so another scroll through the news feed won’t hurt.

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” Abraham Lincoln

I am not saying delaying is necessarily a bad thing, but it depends on how much you can allow yourself to do it, especially before a DEADline or when you want to build the reputation of a reliable person.

Procrastination comes from the Greek word – crastinus which means “for tomorrow”. This may very well be the source of the proverb: “Don’t leave for tomorrow today’s chores, maybe they won’t be necessary at all.”.

It all has to do with the tendency to postpone from the start, mainly due to the squirrel syndrome. Meaning that particular moment when you need to do a complex analysis for next week, but don’t know exactly where to start. You browse through the emails, get a lead for something online and then you get stuck scrolling. By the time you remember about the analysis, you think that you still have plenty of time. And then, what’s the rush, you promise to start your work day with it… tomorrow. The next day, you realize by noon, that the priorities changed again and hope to get on with it the day after, and somehow resign to the idea. Does this sound familiar? Maybe you saw it with other people, of course, any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.  

“Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.” Christopher Parker

As long as you don’t identify the urge to do something or don’t foresee the serious repercussions of not doing it, you are predisposed to intentional procrastinate. You can surely find something more interesting to fill your time with, while you postpone.

Good luck delaying… as long as you still have time!

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