MOTIVation Starts With a Motive!

Motivation makes a person become what she / he wants to become, and there are two main types of motivation: fear driven and positively driven. I am not discussing in detail the differences between motivation and motive, it’s not the purpose of this article.


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It usually starts with an idea, you will change your behavior and preferably will reach certain performance and thus generate motivation. In theory, motivation is something coming from inside, but most of the times is simply the effect of external actions on you. Practically, it’s not that simple and by only reading this material, won’t increase your motivation, doh.

Fear driven motivation occurs when you only do your job so you won’t get fired or run out of the way of a car that is chasing you.

Positively driven motivation is the one that helps you evolve, it’s not like you get run over by a car every day. If you only perform at your job in order not to get fired, you might make it, but with little chance to stand out or do better than a “safe” career.

Life changes so quickly, and if you are surrounded by great people, you have more shots to get motivated.

What might help motivation:

  • Start with “why?”;
  • Simple objectives, along with even simpler action plans;
  • Your needs contribute a lot;
  • Learn something new;
  • Think that others count on you;
  • Good spirits;
  • Pride;
  • Spend less time with negative people;
  • Challenge yourself in order to prove what you are made of;
  • Stubbornness. Yes, it helps;
  • Reward yourself on important achievements;
  • Tragedies will help you in preventing history repeat itself;
  • Hope for the better;
  • Surround yourself with persons who can teach you something. Don’t compare yourself to them, only to you;
  • Listen to your favorite music. Loud;
  • Give up television as much as you can;
  • Don’t punish yourself for any mistake;
  • Go to the gym, swim, dance, run,etc.;
  • Think about future achievements, not about what you are giving up;
  • Have fun;
  • A noble mission;
  • The desire to leave a legacy;
  • Measure your progress.

“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.” Wayne Dyer

No matter how much you try to blame the external factors, the largest contribution to your motivation is yours – by far.

Good luck succeeding!

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