What (NOT) To Do On a Plane

If last week I was telling you about what (not) to do at the airport, today you are going to read about proper behavior on the plane – a point of view of a frequent business traveller. You can become such a Professional Traveller – you can even put this in your resume…

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If you are a frequent flyer, part of these recommendations may help. A few years ago I was commuting by plane on a weekly basis and even if it was just a domestic flight and the security lines were way shorter, it was still hard to deal with it. Being a commuter it’s not easy, not even when commuting by air.

Things that may help during a flight:

  • Bring just a carry-on baggage. It will be easier when boarding, but also when leaving the airport. There are very few airports where the luggage gets to pick up conveyer belt at the same time as you;
  • For the carry on you use resealable bags for the cosmetics that shouldn’t have more than 100 ml, but also for any other small items;
  • Never carry useless things with you. Think about your last trip and the things you never got to use;
  • Choose your seat before the actual flight, preferably online, 20-24 hours before the flight. A seat in the front rows will be helpful when you arrive at destination;
  • If the flight is longer than 6 hours take a neck support pillow in order to sleep more comfortable;
  • Be careful where you put the things you need: wallet, passport, money (at least some of them);
  • During the long flights, choose the seat near the isle, in order to get up and walk without disturbing the other passengers;
  • Hydrate well before and during the flight;
  • Clean some of the smartphone apps, Delete all those you aren’t currently using;
  • Don’t drink coffee or tea in the plane. Besides that they taste horrible, the water used to make them is not the best. Plus, caffeine dehydrates;
  • Don’t drink any fizzy beverages. They bloat and you’ll probably have to blow the gases… not really nice for your fellow passengers. The same considerations for food also. Wear really comfortable shoes and don’t take them off during the flight;
  • Disinfect after touching the tray belonging to your front seat. Here is a really relevant article on this topic;
  • Don’t count on the on board entertainment system. Most cases they play expired shows, but you can count on you to bring movies, books, music, etc. The most common tool is the tablet, the phone is too small for a long flight even if it’s a phablet;
  • It’s the best time to catch up with your reading, it doesn’t matter if you do it old school style with a printed book, or on the tablet or audio book;
  • If you have Wi-Fi, is great, depends whether the internet works for you or against you but anyway the time will fly faster;
  • Take the chance to clean the family photo archives;
  • Do no occupy the seat arm, respect thy neighbor. Or at least share it politely;
  • Be kind to the flight attendants. They have to deal daily with all sorts of people, and they manage to do their job regardless;
  • Don’t get involved in conflicts with other passengers. Any scandal can be interpreted as irascibility, and in the air can take a whole new dimension;
  • Knit something. Well, I haven’t seen this ever, but you get the idea – fight boredom. I would like to see the face they make when they see a husky suit business man knitting on a sweater. Seems nice, but anyway be careful not to get your needles confiscated at security gate;
  • Sleep. If you can command your body to sleep and it works, it’s a pity not to do it. Depends if you snore louder than the plane engines, but that’s why earplugs were invented. That should keep you sound;
  • Don’t forget to bring some chewing gum, it will help cope with altitude climb/descent;
  • You must also have some external battery to last at least twice the flight duration, and a USB cable, dooh;
  • Even if none of my recommendations work, you can do something really extraordinary and talk to your seat neighbor.

The first ten flights are more difficult, until you get used to it, then you realize the bad parts and eventually you’ll get to enjoy the rest. If you can’t find the good parts, read this piece one more time. Printed. During a flight.

Read here what (not) to do at the airport.

Good luck flying!

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