What’s The Wrong Way to Personal Development

As you are not able to learn how to swim by reading a book or attending a conference on “How to swim in 5 days or less”, likewise you cannot pursue personal development in just one day or one week.

Doesn’t work that way.

Best case scenario, you can learn how to float for a few minutes, depending how much of a fatty you are 🙂 but that doesn’t mean you can swim. You can kid yourself into thinking it.

Personal development

During the last years, personal development is a very commonly used term and most often in the wrong context.

Q: How are you?

A: Very well, but tired. I went to the personal development gym and stretched a few neurons.

“ You can do more, only if you wish for it. If you really want it, you can become the best there is in your area.”

Ahaaaam! No need for anything extra.

Well, I have to disappoint you and tell you these are stories written by the Brothers Grimm on Facebook when they weren’t too busy fitting glass slippers to shopping mall-addicted girl’s feet.

If it were that easy we would only deal with world champions. You can run this imagination exercise with any activity you please. From piloting to playing soccer, You may be the very best in the school yard in some other forsaken division.

This doesn’t mean you are really good.

What does personal development mean in my opinion:

  • To know very well what you want to do. This doesn’t mean to be the best Spanish speaking tango dancer at the local club;
  • Create some habits that you can endlessly repeat. Through a lot of exercises, formally known as work, you can get from quantity to quality. If you do 10.000 push ups, you can achieve the perfect one and not by “trying” to do 100 “quality” ones;
  • Have a clear strategy on what you want to achieve;
  • Personal development means many years of hard work. Real work, not necessarily physical work;
  • Take baby steps so you can measure progress, preferably daily;
  • If you don’t want to do more and that’s fine with you, it’s perfect, don’t waste energy on “the ways you can develop today”;
  • The first time you have to invest, work and then get the results. Unless you are awkwardly clumsy and no matter how hard you try, you simply can’t achieve it;
  • First, you stick the wood into the stove and then you’ll get warm, don’t expect the stove to warm you and only then to put the wood in;
  • Get help when offered, you don’t know everything, no matter how good (and modest) you are;
  • It’s normal to resist change. Like Tony Robbins says it’s called gravity and you have to resist it to get something in return;
  • Stepping out of the comfort zone, for example, to become a pilot. If you do it because you look good in the cockpit, it’s a very bad example of personal development, no one will want to be on the plane with you. If you do it, you need more than leaving the comfort zone and you should’ve picked it up sooner;
  • Don’t start something just ‘cause you saw it somewhere. Not anyone can do anything, it’s simply not possible;
  • Positive thinking is very good up to a point, but don’t cross the line.

“The reverse side also has a reverse side.” Japanese proverb

Which version are you?

Are there any upgrades available already?

Good luck succeeding!

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