Team Work is Beneficial, But During Transfers, it’s The Personal Evolution that Counts!

Have you ever heard that a team performed so well that all players got transferred to another club?

Each year you hear about millions of dollars spent on one or another international sports players due to their sensational performance. In the best cases two maybe three players that make quite a pair, get transferred. Not the entire team. Never!

Personal evolution

The same thing happens with your career: those that have an excellent evolution are those getting promoted and also getting the “transfer bonus” from one job to the other. Stories like “he left with the whole team” are science fiction.

If your performance is excellent, it’s obviously to the benefit of your employer and everybody is happy.

Nevertheless, the biggest mistake is to think that you are the only one who counts and the team is lost without you. First, consider the fact that you might be the superstar of a losing team, but we’ll talk about team work another time.

So, let’s do a quick revision:

  1. The team must win, for you are not lost in the desert.
  2. Your evolution should be at least above the team’s average in order to develop in the medium and long term outside the team.
  3. If you are the best of your team, you should (advisedly after one or more seasons of glory) change team or even the league. Same thing applies if you are the weakest member of the team because you’ll eventually get on the “transfer list” sooner or later.

Good Luck Succeeding!

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