The Job Should Be Taken Personally!

Even if you heard many time the expression: “Don’t take it personally, it’s just a job!” and there is no need to get mad, this happens with all employers – I am telling you to take it as personal as you can so you can get the results you expect.


I am sure you are familiar with the following:

  • Don’t get so worked up, it’s just a job;
  • You cannot change people, leave them be;
  • You know the rules, no point in fighting back;
  • There is nothing personal, “it’s just business”;
  • Don’t worry so much, your health is more important.

How can you not take it personally?

In other words, if there is no passion, “commitment”, or you are not involved, I am not expecting great results. You spend more time at work than anywhere else (without counting the sleeping hours) and you shouldn’t take it personally? No way!

Of course, I am not saying that you should do this when you are having some real problems or medical issues. Generally speaking, the perspective of not taking it personally is associated connected with a total lack of implication that may protect you (in theory) from the nasty aspects of your job. If it’s “just a job” and you don’t want anything more from it or from you, it’s perfect, but don’t expect to be treated any differently by your manager or colleagues.

Those whom you admire or serve as role models for you, do they take it personally or are they simply checking in?

If you treat your subordinates as numbers in an excel, don’t be surprised when their contribution to your success is minimum and then you will have to suffer the consequences.

At the same time, you must put some passion into what you do and never let it become an obsession, even when it’s just a job. There are many cases in which workaholics destroy their life by not making a difference between passion and obsession.

If you are practicing soccer or any other sport and you do it just for the sake of exercising, stay on the side during matches. This doesn’t apply when you have a hobby or you simply want to lose some weight.

If you don’t take it personally, don’t be surprised when you are sliding into mediocrity. Yes, you have to take it personally if you want to leave a mark on your work.

It’s frustrating to see how other colleagues don’t give a rat’s ass, especially when this attitude is affecting (in)directly your work. You may even want to wish them to go f… ing themselves, but this doesn’t mean you should act as they do or apply them some corrections (even when it seems reasonable).

If you are under the impression that a colleague (or more) doesn’t care about the job’s importance, don’t do the same. You will suffer from this and no one will even know that you imitated someone just to join the “could not care less” team.

You should not start to consider beating the crap out of anyone either, just so you feel important and because it’s only you that keeps the company going.

Grow up, you work for yourself, take it personally.

Sometimes you’ll get hurt when you least expect it and you’ll wonder if it’s all worth it. Yes, it does, it’s your life, take it personally!

Hold yourself personally responsible about succeeding!

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