What Have You Planned for this year?

If you are one supercalifragilistic dude (or dudette) who doesn’t need to set some planned objectives for this year, you have two choices: you’re either perfect and don’t need to do anything else… or you’re not interested in delivering more.

If you fall under the category of those that set objectives just “’cause” it’s customary for the beginning of the year, but you push the snooze every day, not only in the morning – relax and don’t make resolutions. At least not now, there is time, what the rush?


Sit down, have a break. Well, don’t think I’ve pictured you standing… but maybe it’s best to know now what are your plans for next year.

And I don’t mean the BAU (business as usual), but do something extra for you, more than you did so far.

The most important thing you need to do is ask yourself WHY? would you set that goal.

Once I was on my way to the airport with a colleague and I asked her:

–    Why are we going to this client?

–    What do you mean WHY? – she gave me that “doooh” look, what f…ing question is this… we are going to convince him to work with us.

–    Why would we do that?

–    So I can exceed my target? – again with the “are you OK? Really?” look.

–    Why do you want to exceed your target?

–    So I’ll get my bonus! – irritated by now by this repeated question.

–    Why do you want the bonus?

–    Because I saw a pair of blue shoes last week, I loved them and I want to buy them – and finally the look “you get it now????”.

–    Good, let’s go there and get you those blue shoes – suddenly my colleague’s attitude has changed and we walked in there with a different vibe.

YES, you can think about objectives if you want to change something in you.

YES, you can think about objectives when you want to learn something new.

YES, you can think about objectives if you are willing to sacrifice.

DON’T set objectives you know you won’t follow.

DON’T set objective when you have done this in the past and abandoned them after a few (days) weeks.

DON’T set objectives if you are lazy and often find excuses for not doing things in the past, excuses you might actually believe.

DON’T set negative objectives: quit smoking, not getting pissed, not getting drunk (as often). Get used to whatever it is you want to do, not to whatever you want to quit on doing.

Not doing stuff doesn’t count for doing extra.

DON’T start a diet, it’s the biggest enemy of motivation. Diets are a good example of short-term objectives, but they will eventually end up by bringing (best case) short term benefits. No matter the results, if you’re not gonna change your lifestyle and continue to eat junk food without becoming more active, the results will not be spectacular. Dieting is the kind of objective that tell you what you aren’t supposed to do rather than telling you what to do right.

DON’T set unrealistic objectives, you are in great danger in turning them into frustrations.

DON’T set enormous objectives without breaking them into smaller pieces, small, but steady steps towards the final objectives.

DON’T walk away from what you settled. DON’T!

DON’T change your current job just because you don’t like the boss. Reflect on what can you do differently or what do you wish from a new job. It’s about you (on the long term), not to the others.

If you set the same objectives as last year, something is wrong, somewhere things don’t add up and if you don’t change, you risk having the motivation of a kamikaze’s 23rd try.

I don’t recommend starting with what you want to do from now on, without analyzing your achievements in past year. If you haven’t written down those achievements, you certainly forgot most of them by now, either good or bad.

If you wish to expand that analysis, think about what were you doing five years ago, professionally and on a personal level. Were there any progresses since? Have you changed for the better in some aspects? If so, you may consider going further with a different perspective on what you wish to reach in the following five years.

„The top experts in the world are ardent students. The day you stop learning, you’re definitely not an expert.” Brendon Burchard

If you want to do something just because it fits the trends, weigh things carefully. For example, if you wish to run the marathon, but you haven’t done anything in this direction but look at others exercising. But it’s trendy to run the marathon! Excuse me, participating, not winning! The recorded winners never set an objective to run up second or six hundred forty-seconds.

“If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?” Vince Lombardi

From a professional point of view, you may ask yourself what can you do better next year.

What new abilities can you develop?

What can you do to improve the personal brand?

What can you add to your resume by the end of the year as achievements?

How do you wish to help others in the following year?

If you decided on what you expect from yourself, it will help a lot when making the daily activity evaluation and the planning for the next day.

Why would you invest in yourself? Why? Why?

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