Don’t Exaggerate With Positive Thinking

Positive thinking has an extremely important role in everyone’s life, but if you think that no matter what, everything will turn out fine (even when you are not doing anything), you are a bit naive.

I always had a positive attitude but kept my feet on the ground.

Positive thinking

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If you wish to have a clean street, it’s not enough to think positive, you still have to pick up the trash and potentially encourage (peacefully) others to clean around them. A surreal positive thinking will have a negative impact on you, such as the late Marquis used to state: a pessimist is a man who had to listen to too many optimists.

The biggest problem with personal development materials or brainwashing conferences is that it doesn’t work only by reading them or attending. You can’t assert to immediately think positive after a class or after reading a book. Miracles don’t exist without proper action. Think about speaking in front of a (very) large audience and considering is enough to think positive and not preparing at all. It will turn into total failure and will leave an enormous scar on you.  

Now imagine that your boss asks about your last’s week tasks, and you reply that you didn’t do anything, but thought positive about it. I am sure she/he will be thrilled! Positive thinking doesn’t translate into being lazy.

If you don’t achieve your objectives, although you thought positive… it may help you become more realistic. You can thus avoid losing self-confidence, anxiety or even depression. If not used rationally, positive thinking will turn against you.

Last but not least, if you keep thinking irrationally positive, you’ll end up hurting those around you. When you affirm you are doing great by using “positive thinking”, but it’s clear to everyone that you are miserable, you will eventually hurt yourself.

In conclusion, positive thinking is helpful when you do something outside the “thinking”, like certain actions. Just thinking about becoming a CEO or paying your debts, will not necessarily make it happen. It will certainly help a lot if you plan certain actions towards your goal.

Good luck succeeding!

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