Congratulations! Potty Training was Successful

When a child takes his first potty training is a family celebration. You call every relative up to the 4th rank and send pictures/videos. WOW! This is an accomplishment and has to be celebrated with a cake in the shape of the end results and a dance to the Poo God.

potty training

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Let’s not forget the training part, the feedback, coaching, mentoring, shadowing and smelling provided before (during). You show the kid how to do it and after you fail because you are not capable to adapt language and “qualifications” to their level, then you make them sit there and hope they coughs or something – just to trick them somehow.

I am not saying there is something wrong with these “procedures”, but every family has its own secrets, well kept from one generation to the other, so the operation runs smoothly.

The problems starts when all this show about congratulations is performed when the child is ten. Even though motivation is extremely important in any field and every level, let’s not make the process lame.

Under which circumstances you shouldn’t congratulate an employee:

  • When they’re up early and showed for the job in time. Daily;
  • When they perform repetitive actions with the same result. Imagine that at the street light there are 20 people with balloons, confetti and music who congratulate you for stopping when the red light is on;
  • When the performance is mediocre – the result will be they will get stuck in the same place;
  • When they did something bad. Let’s turn to the silly thing with the sandwich feedback. I don’t think you want to eat a sandwich with exceptional bread that has something really awful in the middle;
  • ‘cause you have to. You heard that you are supposed to congratulate, even when they only did a tiny poo;
  • When you don’t have time;
  • When you do it for some and ignore the others;
  • When you are being sarcastic or ironic.

Don’t mix congratulations and feedback. Recognition has an extremely important role in the personal development if it’s done correctly and coherently It’s one thing for an employee to go potty after only one month since they were hired and another to congratulate the one with 10 years’ experience in the company for the same results. It’s the same thing as when 1st graders get an award, each of them, even the 26th in line. By doing this we do more damage to future performance and development.

Good luck succeeding!

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