I Presume You Don’t Even Know What You’re Missing If You Don’t Read This Article

I presume you are in danger of making scenarios based on a wrong impression or appearance from time to time.

“Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups!” Source: Under Siege 2: Dark Territory


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Generally, it’s good to take into consideration specific facts and not make presumptions. I refer especially to what happens in the present and not to the predictions for the future, aka forecasts.

Connections that seem normal and logical can only appear as such because of an (un) fortunate context and lead to hasty conclusions.

The title of this article is merely an example of the kind of scenarios you can build so it tempts you to read. Many time, though, behind theatrical titles there is no outstanding information, their purpose is just to confuse people.

In order to avoid making the same mistakes at work or in your relationship with customers, I recommend you the following:

  • don’t get infected with the scenario flu;
  • if you feel it’s not the right information, ask;
  • don’t generalize. Ever! For example, I will never accept that we are all thieves, just because of a few bad seeds;
  • DON’T act like Google, finishing your interlocutor’s phrases after a few words or imagining scenarios for a soap opera;
  • if you just imagine something, don’t consider it a certitude;
  • if some things seem normal to you, doesn’t mean the same happens to your interlocutor, especially when it comes to an unfamiliar field;
  • don’t presume what are the client’s reasons for working with the competition, simply ask;
  • don’t rely on the past experiences, the circumstances might have changed in time.

I presume that if you got this far you enjoyed what you read and that you will tell everyone about this experience, which might not be necessarily true. And I also presume that you realized it’s not me in the picture looking up… but I’d better not make assumptions.

Now that you’ve read this, I presume you’d have more luck with succeeding.

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