What Can You Do to Be a Productive Manager

If you are not a productive manager, sooner or later your team will not be productive either and this will affect you. When you are responsible for hundreds or thousands of employees, counter-productiveness part is not an option.

productive manager

There are many factors which have an impact on efficiency, and this may affect you and the whole team or the company.

What may help:

  • start with defining priorities so that by noon you solve most of them. You should get things done by the end of the day, not scratch your head around and consider what you would like to do today. You shouldn’t have more than three things to do during a day. Important things. If you can find the monthly objectives in the first daily chores, your objectives are not that important to you. I am not referring to exceptional situations, but to the daily routine;
  • multitasking is the mother, the father and the mother in law of counter-productiveness, don’t mix the operations, ’cause you won’t get anything done;
  • delegate as much as you can, without forgetting that you are still accountable for it. It’s embarrassing to explain why you couldn’t do something and start accusing your subordinates;
  • you cannot hold credit for what went well and blame others for what didn’t. Well, you can, but your days as manager are numbered. There are exceptions when no matter how many stupid things they do, some managers still get to keep their position in the company. Anyway, remember that you cannot piss against the wind and still keep your pants unstained;
  • give your employees power and the delegation process will be more efficient and also they will grow faster;
  • handle your emails efficiently, using a lot of delete all solution. If you are busy all day with emails, don’t be surprised when you have no time left for what really matters. Read the emails only three times a day and if you have an assistant ask her to only direct those issues that can’t be solved by them;
  • you are responsible for the bad meetings and also for wasting everyone’s time, so you’d better run efficient meetings. Firstly, you need to make them shorter. Yes, of course you can do it! Try to implement a 90 minute limit per meeting, no matter how many subordinates you have;
  • plan as much as you can with the help of a calendar;
  • are you generally busy and also have a lot to do? If you are busy all the time but don’t see the results of what you did, you are a menace to the organization, not only to yourself and your team;
  • don’t postpone anything. Especially if you have something else to do and it takes a lot longer than 2 minutes, don’t procrastinate. The same happens to the decisional process, don’t dally;
  • take a break. Take as many breaks as possible. Stephen Covey made a very good point in his book 7 Habits about sharpening the saw.

A manager’s day is most of the times unpredictable because of the dozens of situations and questions their employees come up with, that’s one of the reasons for being a manager. If you cannot pull yourself together so you can finish your chores, it’s very unlikely you can do this with your subordinates. If you are not a manager you can send this to your boss – via email 🙂

Good luck succeeding!

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