How Productive Are You?

No matter the position you hold right now, you are not productive enough.

Not even if you are the best in your professional field.

It’s impossible to assume that you can’t do better in a few years… but it’s also true that you have to plan for this to happen.

If we as mankind didn’t plan to evolve, we would probably still start the fire by friction with wooden sticks.

You have to plan all your working day so you won’t pedal like a total freak and have to no time left for your personal development. It’s like saying you are too busy driving and you don’t have time to fill up with gas. Sooner or later your car will stop somewhere and Murphy will make sure it’s far from any gas station.


Getting back to productivity, John visits Jones, after they both participated in a motivational workshop on how to become an ace in 7 days. John asks Jones:

– How come that your cow produces 100 liters of milk daily?


– It’s easy. It’s all about the attitude. I get close to it and ask:

– What do we get today: milk or meat?

The “meat” attitude

It all sucks.

Competition has lower prices.

The economic crisis put everyone down.

It’s everyone’s fault, not mine.

I am bored when answering the phone.

I leave the impression that I am doing a favor to everyone I work with, not that it’s my job.

I constantly create a negative environment around me.

I am under the impression everyone is conspiring against me.

I can hardly wait for five o’clock to get away from the job.

I am terrified by the thought of getting back to work tomorrow, but I don’t act on it.

“It works anyway”.

You are constantly late for meetings and briefings.

I feel no progress.

I easily abandon after a few setbacks.

I never look for any alternatives.

I don’t answer my emails in time (or at all).

I don’t answer my phone (this is a problem per se because in some case it shows a lack of respect for the caller) and you never get back to whoever called.

In most cases, your first reaction is “not possible”.

The “milk” attitude

I am doing the best I can for me and my family.

If I can’t win over this customer, I’ll give a try with the next 10.

I always show a good mood when answering my phone.

If I lose a customer I learn from that experience so I can do better next time.

I feel that people I work with enjoy our collaboration.

Even when I am down, I don’t stay long there.

I think about getting things done better than yesterday.

I compare myself to past performances and I constantly grow (except in weight 🙂 ).

I have many models (not catwalk models) to follow.

I know very well the services I am promoting/selling.

I constantly get good results and I keep exceeding.

I look back and can measure the progress I made.

I clearly know what my goals are for the next period and I do my best to reach my personal and professional objectives.

I always help my colleagues/clients as much as I can.

I influence others in a good way.

What I don’t know, I am willing to learn.

I ask for help when I need it.

I often ask “How may I help?”.

I am not ashamed to admit I am wrong even if sometimes my ego doesn’t let do it easily.

I respect DEADlines, not look for excuses why I haven’t done so.

I keep my promises.

I have new ideas and propose ways of improvement.

Any resemblance to the reality is mere coincidence.

Good luck succeeding!

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