I Must Recommend Something Really Cool

In a world full of opinion givers, the best of all is the one who says “I recommend…” without even trying that particular recommendation on themselves. And I don’t mean just about a simple product or service, but in general about anything they have heard of or least they think they did.


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Even in those rare cases when the person has actually tried the product or service, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s also the right thing for you. We are talking about adaptability, style, taste, smell and other senses involved.

I want to strongly recommend you something I’ve been doing for many years now: individual meetings with your employees.

Individual meetings or one-to-one meetings are those periodical (weekly, two times per month or monthly) meetings which are mandatory for every healthy professional relationship, and can be held at the office or remotely. It’s the most powerful tool to increase productivity of each employee, but at the same time it’s the best method for “both parties” to get to know each other better. It’s the moment when you follow-up the evolution for each employee and provide them unconditional support.

The simplest structure of such meeting is made out of three parts:

  • What did the employee accomplish since the last meeting;
  • What did you observe they accomplished since your last meeting;
  • What you both agree to be done until the next meeting.

What should you consider for these individual meetings:

  • Scheduling should be very rigorously marked in the calendar, so that you both acknowledge its importance;
  • Both parties should prepare for this meeting;
  • Follow up of current project development;
  • Discuss also long term objectives;
  • Highlight the positive aspects;
  • Proactively observe some (potential) problems;
  • Provide solutions to “hot” issues;
  • Career opportunities. From time to time, not as a weekly objective ;
  • Don’t cancel the meeting. Worst case scenario, you can reschedule for another time/day that you both agree on;
  • Boost morale when necessary;
  • Expect some difficult discussions as well;
  • Ask for honest feedback about the company. Where could improvements be necessary;
  • Encourage personal development by means of examples/actual projects;
  • Identify those areas that can improve teamwork;
  • There must be an open, honest dialogue, no phony or ass kissing aspects;
  • Should be employee centered, not the other way round;
  • Also check some personal issues and provide help;
  • You mustn’t do anything during the time allotted to the meeting. It’s their time;
  • From time to time is better hold these meetings outside the office;
  • You will have less visits at the office from employees who can wait to communicate them at the next meeting;
  • The meetings frequency should also take into account seniority on that job, the team maturity and also the time you spent in that company (at least monthly).

The best choice for such meeting is face to face, but if that’s not possible, a (video) phone call is just as efficient.

Don’t say there is no time. Bo$$, if you don’t have time to allocate for each of your employees, you cannot ask much from them.

You’ll also have employees who will not enjoy these meetings and without their active participation, you’ll get results from poor to annoying.

And last but not least, if you are employed and don’t have such meetings, ask your boss and you shall receive.

Happy encounters!

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