What Was Scheduled Shall Be Done (in time), Everything Else Shall Not!

It’s absolutely normal wanting to get things scheduled. Think about the grocery list you get from your partner and try (at your own risk) to forget to pick up an item from the list.

In other words, if you choose to do your schedule, you have greater chances that you get things done in time.


The same happens with your daily activity. Without programming your “tasks”, you’ll wonder through the store blindly and circle around in order to pick everything or feeling that you forgot something you can’t exactly locate. The allocated time will at least, double. The exception from this rule it’s the situation when you have to get just an item, enter, exit, and bang – mission accomplished.

You don’t look around or you’ll risk getting distracted.

If it’s just one thing, it’s perfect, but when there are more, you can try the same approach – pick one at a time, but it’s time-consuming. Now, if there’s no rush, and you as a person work as a two gear car, nice and steady, there is no problem in hanging at the supermarket for six hours trying to fill half a push cart. Well, you cannot afford the same luxury when you are at work.squirrel

This behavior is called the “squirrel syndrome”, the squirrel doesn’t have clear priorities and gets distracted by everything that shines. These lovely creatures leave aside what they were doing just because they saw something more interesting a few feet away.

If you’re not efficient and often you don’t finish tasks (in time), your motivation might look as the one of kamikaze’s 23rd try.

Don’t try to pull the thing with multitasking, it simply won’t hold.

Good luck on working for you and not against you!

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