If You Don’t Sleep Enough, You Mess Yourself

I know you have a super important project to finish in order to meet a DEADline and there’s no way you can get enough sleep, ‘cause that’s corporate life… No. NO this is not how life in a corporation should be… but if you end up making a habit of losing nights, later or rather sooner, you’ll get hurt. No need to deprive yourself of sleep, the effect sucks on the short, medium and long term.


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Babies are programmed to sleep all day long, except for the moments when they are connected to the milk source, but some sleep very well with tits in their mouth too. When the sleeping time decreases, the tit leaves the mouth. After many years sleep becomes shorter and less interesting, more baby (boys) go back to holding the tits, some continue to sleep like this, but with a different effect and in a less organized manner than breastfeeding.

Sleep deprivation is as dangerous as drinking and in some cases you can actually see zombies walking chaotic with a (very) large coffee cup in their hand.

If you work during college and have a night job, you are done. The exception from this rule is getting some sleep on the job or in class; none of these being an option though.

“I slept like a baby. I woke up every 2 hours and cried.” Ben Horowitz

The effects of sleep deprivation:

  • Performance drops;
  • You become (more) annoying (than usual);
  • You don’t meet deadlines;
  • You have moments of incoherence;
  • You are edgy;
  • The constant lack of rest can cause multiple health problems, including heart diseases, diabetes or obesity;
  • You have roller coaster mood swings;
  • You fall asleep at meetings or while driving, even when your eyes are opened;
  • Your brain protects itself or goes into stand by, to command your body to take a rest;
  • You start forgetting things, minor things in the beginning;
  • You have a “lag”;
  • You’re under the impression that you are the only one who really works in the company, the rest are just attending work simulation classes;
  • You realize you are not as creative;
  • You are tempted to do things in a shallow manner because there’s no time for excellent performance;
  • Your performance is mediocre to very poor;
  • You start losing friends;
  • Personal life is your 22nd priority;
  • I know it’s just for today and this particular project. Bullshit!
  • You eat chaotic and usually junk food;
  • The effects of sleep deprivation can be compared to getting drunk after only 18 hours of staying awake;
  • You don’t have time to exercise, obviously;
  • You don’t have time for yourself.

You cannot hibernate during the weekend to recuperate what was lost during the work week; as you can’t eat or use the potty only during weekends. Your body is programmed to get things daily, not only when you remember and a minimum of 7 hours of rest should be on the priority list.

If you sleep too much, the body will recover in time (if you are not sick already) and you’ll get better. You can’t get intoxicated with sleep.

If you wish to perform very well, you should rest accordingly. Think about real athletes, not those that check in every night in the club.

Good luck finding your rest!

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