Smile, Life Is Great!

It’s not just spring, although this may have a euphoric effect, but generally, smile at life and it will smile back at you.

Especially at that times when you are not at your best, you can start the day like in the old days, with the horoscope:

Health – the stars smile at you

Love – the stars laugh at you

Money – the stars shit their pants laughing at you


The advantage of telling last century jokes is that, like the one above, is that the younger generation hasn’t heard it before and the older ones may feel like hearing it for the first time. We are not talking about those that laugh at every joke the boss says, even the least funny ones or to those they heard 50 times before.

Keep smile at work, even sarcastic laughter can sometimes help. Even if you are not the Smiley face in your office, it doesn’t mean you should be the Frowny face either 🙂

Yes, according to the Constitution and any other internal regulations, you are entitled to be happy. You have the right to enjoy a good mood, as much as do the others around you.

If you spend more time at work than at home, why don’t you contribute to the general well-being atmosphere?

Is it so hard for you to understand that not everything sucks and a negative environment will affect those around you? Not only the manager can impact this, it may be also about any unpleasant colleagues.

Yes, I know, those periodic reports are boring and awful, the clients are unbearable, have unrealistic expectations and you are the best employee alive, we can’t deny it. But from here to being a “pain in the ass” it’s a long way.

And I also want to emphasize the fact that no matter who you are, what age or life experience you have, if you have a sh*tty attitude, sooner or later this will affect you. I promise!

If you are in a bad mood, do you think the reports you put on the table will be easier to digest?

If everything seems gloomy, you don’t get to drag everyone down with you.

It’s the same with smoking in closed spaces.

The method of “one space for both smokers and non-smokers” could not satisfy both parties, it was like an imaginary line separating a pool, on one-half people are allowed to pee in and on the other one, they aren’t.

Getting back to a good mood, I am not saying you should have a dumb and dumber look no matter what. If you do this I might ask myself if you got all your marbles, as I just want to be able to work with you or around you. I don’t want to think that I’ll get to see you as the grumpy old man sitting in front of the houses picking on everyone.

If you generally enjoy working with pleasant people, and a healthy sense of humor and not with the “constipated” ones, at the office and when meeting customers, start with yourself and take into consideration the following:

  • smile when you see someone. It’s free and it’s the quickest manner to make yourself likable;
  • leave a good first impression. It seems to take less time than you imagine to be (un)likable;
  • listen to those around you. Legends says that is the main reason for having two ears and only one mouth;
  • be polite, “please” and “thank you” do miracles;
  • respect everyone, no matter the position they hold;
  • when you laugh you lift spirits for everyone, it’s contagious;
  • don’t argue just for the sake of the argument;
  • be the bigger man/woman when there is nothing at stake;
  • don’t take everything so seriously, not even yourself.

Laugh as much as you can. Yes, at work!

Doing your job very well and being in a good mood is not rocket science, but will make a difference to your personal branding!

Good luck enjoying to succeed!

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