Why Start a Blog

I will provide you now the secret recipe for (not) to start a blog. Here, on this blog you may find many or just a few posts, depending on how you look at it, considering that, I write once a week. I know for sure that <insert cliché here> this blog brought me a lot of visibility and supported my personal brand. That’s why I started writing in the first place – to help myself first and it’s not even that hard to admit it.

start a blog

If you want to write with no purpose in mind, without hoping for some kind of recognition, you can keep a journal, actually keep it for yourself.

I told you that the most important person for me is myself and no matter how arrogant it sounds, I have started writing because I am convinced that the experience gained so far will help others.

Why have I waited so long?

Because I am convinced that only when you have a solid experience you can offer a plausible opinion about a certain field. If you read ten books about swimming, but you can’t float without a life vest, that doesn’t make you an expert. You may still need a little practice.

A lot of practice, preferably.

My articles represent what I’ve learned and practiced many years and I do make everything in my power to apply them. It doesn’t always work, but what can you do?! Or maybe you thought that despite my modest approach I am truly perfect? Not even close. It’s perfectly normal to get things wrong and also is normal to learn from every stupid thing you do.

From my observations (‘cause learning is a bit much to state) here are a few things I say:

  • My readers have very high expectations that become greater and greater with time, but merely from a spectator point of view. There are very few who really know what I’m talking about and who can provide an honest feedback, neither the disastrous one, nor the kiss ass type. I don’t even want to start about the majority who keep commenting, though they themselves have never done anything like this;
  • Self-irony always helps;
  • At first, you will hear encouragements such as “anyway, many people started, but just a few kept writing”;
  • If you are disciplined and you like what you do, writing won’t be that hard;
  • Consider blogging as a long-term project, not a “test” that holds for just a few months;
  • If you wish to test your endurance, write (minimum) 10 article first, before publishing the blog;
  • Write in a constructive manner, something that people can learn from. Or in a funny way. Or both but without burying yourself in negativity. The fact that you have the power to write anything, anytime, doesn’t mean you should constantly complain;
  • You will have faithful readers, but they will rarely (close to never) admit they read your articles constantly;
  • If you have a nasty habit of writing a lot on Facebook and LinkedIn, which are platforms that don’t promote a healthy search, nor a sort of some kind, at the end of the day there’s nothing left. That’s why I encourage the blog;
  • It helps you professionally in your field of expertise;
  • You will need to invest time and money in order to have the blog you want;
  • There are people who will criticize you no matter what you write about but they will keep reading. Trolling is not something new;
  • There are people who don’t like what/how you write, and you can assume you lost them. Well, Sherlock, if everyone will agree with you, you’ll have a big problem;
  • The subjects I choose were valid 20 years ago and probably will be valid 20 years from now on, I have never pretended I invented the doughnut hole;
  • Facebook (the Fan Page not the personal profile) and the visibility it provides helps a lot and due to the blog topics, Linkedin delivered beyond expectations;
  • I have “closed” the comments section out of lack of time. You cannot answer rather late to the constant readers. Who wants to find you, will easily find you anyway;
  • You can plan all your blogging duties during the weekend: scheduling the post, older social media posts and during the week you can spend a maximum of 30 minutes;
  • The visibility you gain will force you out of your “bubble”, you will meet many other people;
  • You will get questions from people you can easily help;
  • Sharing is caring, but it works a lot better when you write consistently on a topic – I share daily interesting posts on Twitter and then I summarize them in a weekly post here;
  • Not everyone reads blogs, the same as not everyone enjoys vlogs;
  • Never say never, but I don’t think I will start vlogging yet. Firstly because it’s very time-consuming, especially the editing part and … the ninth argument it’s because I don’t have the right content. Sitting at a desk and talking will be very boring. I am not a video consumer either, so the worst case scenario I convert the videos into mp3’s and listen them while driving. Maybe a podcast is more suitable, but will not come very soon;
  • I use a lot of bullets, I know. Some sort of job conditioning, I know;
  • I don’t believe in writing about anything, just for the sake of writing.

Last but not least, if you wish to leave something behind, publishing on a site the experience you accumulated is one of the easiest methods. I mean it’s the easiest, out of the most difficult things – you got it, cause you’re smart, that’s why you read me, of course.

Good luck whatever you’re wishing for!

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