How to Train Yourself

When the company doesn’t provide the training (you think) you deserve, you always have the option to train yourself. You are responsible for your (good) performance, not the business you work for. The company can help you and has every interest to motivate and train you so they are covered, but ultimately you are responsible for you, no matter the external influence.

train yourself

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What can you do when the company chooses not to invest in training and your boss doesn’t provide the necessary support through coaching, mentoring, shadowing, etc.?

Well, an alternative would be to blame them for being the pricks that won’t take care of your development.

The second is to simply take care of you, meaning to train yourself. Obviously, it’s a lot harder and generally the pain you feel when you bang your head it’s greater than learning from someone how to dodge the blow to your head. Satisfaction though is also mirroring the effort.

First you need to know what you want to improve. What behavior and how long will it take. The time aspect it’s like when asking for a loan:

For how long?

For as long as I don’t hurt you!

If you don’t set a deadline, you have a great shot not to reach your goals and train in vain.

You must have in mind the learning resources you are going to use, such as: calendar, YouTube, Audible, Google, Feedly, Podcasts, books, more books. Along with allotted time, invest also some money. You can start with 1% of the monthly income, even if it may seem like very little. You can put aside a sum for a training (even online training), this will certainly pay off due to future medium and long term earnings.

Establish objectives, not necessarily DEADlines to follow, considering that there isn’t someone to hold you accountable for the progress. You can ask a friend to do some periodical follow-up; just make sure is not the eternal discontented one (it may bring you down as well) or the one who worships you.

Write down what you do, what you enjoy and what can you do better, than redefine your objectives.

And not last, ask for help from those who already accomplished what you wish to get, you may be amazed by the help they provide.

Good luck training!

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