Do You Trust Your Boss?

An essential component of the daily activity is represented by the confidence degree you have in your superior, their “performance” has a decisive role in your career and if you don’t trust your boss your career will suffer.

trust your boss

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When a boss puts their personal interests before those of their employees, you should be alert as you may be working for a dumb boss.

Trust is built, learned, doesn’t come along with the business card, and the easiest test is contradicting your boss (in a civilized manner). The boss’s reaction to criticism will tell you more about him / her and moreover, about the trust, you can invest in the future. If their arguments are concise, if their offer their opinion with calm and ask for more details, you are in good hands. If they affirms with no argument whatsoever “’cause I said so”… start worrying.

What does a trustworthy boss do:

  • they communicate in a transparent and correct manner, especially when things aren’t the way they’re supposed to be;
  • they ask for feedback on their actions and their impact on you;
  • spend constant time with you to understand you as a human being;
  • have an abiding, predictable behavior, doesn’t have sudden mood swings;
  • they don’t gossip;
  • they don’t take credit for your work and recognizes your merits every chance they get;
  • they offer arguments for their decisions, especially controversial ones;
  • adapt vocabulary to the audience;
  • they are interested in your professional objectives, as well as personal ones;
  • delegate chores along with decision making;
  • let you make mistakes while guiding along the way, they don’t wait to rub it in your face;
  • they are truly interested in your development;
  • always respects their promises.

Just as the relationship with the customer, the trust is built in time, but may be lost in a few minutes.

Remember that the boss can be your greatest ally, as well as your biggest enemy, and in the case of potential promotions their word counts a lot.

Good luck confiding!

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