How Much Do You Invest In Your UpGrowth?

Your upgrowth, not the company you work for!

There are two types of people: those that wish to do more and act on it and those who wait for other to give them an impulse – the kind known as “Boss made me do this!”.

There are of course those that only, in theory, wish to do something; they don’t do it, realize another day has passed, another month, another year and they still haven’t accomplished anything (in comparison to the previous period).

I don’t want to mention here those that won’t do anything but who… surprise, they are contented and at peace with themselves. There is also a zen level which is very hard to achieve, but it exists. It’s represented by someone that just sits around and rots, but if he/she is pleased with the no progress situation, I simply offer my congratulations, for sure he’s not wasting time with the rest of us.

Nowadays technology helps a lot and in return, we don’t allocate the time to read a book for ourselves. I have been using for a few years now, the time spent driving to my own benefit and not count it as wasted time.

“I read” at least one audiobook every month. Also, I have in my electronic “library” a few dozens of podcasts I listen to monthly. They mainly consist of business, leadership and personal development, even parenting lectures I update weekly.

Unfortunately, we spend more and more time on the way to and from work and you might use it in your favor. You can do this by using your phone in the public transport or in the comfort of your car. But only if you allocate time for yourself.

I listen to something while swimming, careful not “to waste” time when I am under the water 🙂


If you invest 1% (or as much as you consider) out of your earnings for your development, you’ll see that it’s the best investment ever made.

Good Luck Succeeding!

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