Don’t Be Angry with Everyone Just ‘Cause You Are Upset

When you are a manager and have moments when things aren’t exactly right, doesn’t necessarily mean you should be upset with your team. It’s very easy to go on “smashing” their heads, “cascading information”, but this won’t make you any better. Not even if you took a blow to your head by yourself too.


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When you have a bad somebody else makes it bad for you, don’t make the same mistake with your people, most probably it is not their fault. Even if it is, still don’t treat them this way. You will just put everyone in the same line-up and it’s impossible they are all to be blamed. Look in the mirror, ’cause many times the team’s mistakes are caused by the manager.

What you shouldn’t tell your fellow employees:

  • “I presume” – there is no need for presumption. “Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups” to quote a classic;
  • “I am not paying you to think, but to execute” – ups, this really hurts. I mean you tell them that their only job is to tighten a loose screw, that’s all;
  • “You are…” – don’t attack the person, but the problem;
  • “If you don’t like it, leave. I have a hundred persons lining up to get a job here” – really? No way that’s possible, and the perceived uselessness is very toxic. Don’t expect that such employee will be efficient from now on;
  • “The reason is… “ and you start with a huge dose of bullshit. Honesty, character, and conduct are the most important qualities of a leader;
  • “Do it ‘cause I said so!” – a way of saying “I made you, I kill you”. Even if in the forehead of all bosses one may reads: “I am the boss, I can hire / fire you!”, and people feel this, such approach is destructive;
  • “You know how to solve this, make it happen” – if you don’t share a minimum of instructions, you have a greater chance to give feedback on the mess they did;
  • “I didn’t say that, it’s not true” – even if you have moments of self-doubt, admit it, explain, but don’t lie;
  • “I don’t care, it’s your problem” – some employee’s problem becomes your problem, and sooner or later will impact you directly;
  • “You mess up all the time” – if that’s true, such employee should leave the company. If not, which is often the case, you cannot diminish or hide the good things he/she achieved so far;
  • “So what if I said that” – you pass on such a toxic message, it reflects that it’s fine not to do your job, you included.

As a manager it’s impossible to be liked by everyone, and you should not wish that, nor get upset about it.

DON’T yell at your people, they don’t deserve it and you’ll create a cult of fear, where they will act in such way in order to avoid to trigger you and you’ll be under performing. Fear motivation is old school stuff.

Last but not least, remember that most employees leave a company due to a bad boss.

Good luck succeeding!

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