Did You Pluck the Weeds out of Your Life?

If you don’t get rid of the weeds, anything else you plant near by, be it grass, flowers or fruit trees, the result will be negative. You’ll be able to see it, but in time you’ll notice that it goes also way beyond sensory level.


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I hear many times the phrase that successful people got there by being lucky. Much too often… and my opinion is that each person has some lucky star, but it comprises no more than 1% out of its actions.

Going back to gardening, by not plucking the weeds and seeding the right seeds at the right time, you might not be so lucky. Weeding the garden takes some constant effort, you can’t just do it once and consider to be over.

If you don’t plant, you won’t be so lucky to harvest, but get some dirt at the first rain. Naturally, you might as well be unfortunate, so the seeds you planted don’t grow the way you expected, but this diagnosis comes after many try-outs.

This also happens with your career: if you don’t “plant” anything, you won’t get stranded by luck.

You may also compare weeds with a negative attitude and here I mean your own attitude, not of those around you. You may plant positive ideas, trust yourself and have greater chances to harvest something. British scientists from all over the world discovered that the luckiest men are the confident ones who also do something to reach objectives.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Seneca

That 1% luck can be attributed to your birth place, the family you grew up with, whether or not you get a blow to your head, but the rest… you being unsuccessful is entirely up to you.

Last but not least, get used to envious people telling you how lucky you are.

Good luck succeeding!

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