Week 19 Inspiration 2017

Photo Gratisography

You can be good enough without the extra work and being always busy

Personal growth does not need to be expensive

78 percent of recruiters cite enthusiasm as the quality most likely to influence a hiring decision

“The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.”

David M. Ogilvy

Although at the moment they might seem larger than life, interviewers are people just like you

In a competitive environment, the key question is: What would happen if we did a little better?

Being good at asking for things means being respectful of time

“If you can find humor in anything, you can survive it.”

Bill Cosby

Your boss is looking for someone to count on

Incompetent people sometimes try to compensate by being extremely warm

If employees are not motivated to give their best, then what they deliver will be sub-optimal

“Do whatever you do intensely.”

Robert Henri

The most important trait of a leader is the ability to build relationships

Make sure your emails look professional and match your brand’s style and identity

Every prospect wants to feel special

“A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become well known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized.”

Fred Allen

A personal brand establishes credibility

There are still plenty of people who stay stuck in jobs that they don’t feel passionate about

There are number of reasons employees are absent from work

“It’s your life. Live it with people who are alive. It tends to be contagious.”

Peter McWilliams