Week 4 Inspiration 2017

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You cannot have discipline if you are not present

Your ends goal will more than likely be a feeling rather than a step to get to that goal

When you’re structuring your day, think of ways you can make your decisions easier and save yourself time

“Although the truth is not always pleasant… it offers the recipient of that information the chance to change the outcome.”

Grace Choi

As a leader, you want your team to know you are always there for them

The most valuable testimony that a brand can get comes from the people who actively use the product

A script should be a loose outline, not a word for word mandate

“As long as you keep getting up when you fall down, you’re always going to make at least one step forward.”

Wilmer Valderrama

Employees who received recognition from their leaders recently were significantly more likely to trust them

People are capable of change but you don’t have to stick around until they do

Superbosses set high expectations and put plenty of pressure on their direct reports to achieve them

“Words are but the signs of ideas.”

Samuel Johnson

As a leader, you always have to genuinely care about everyone on your team

Victims believe that they are at the mercy of everyone and everything around them

Truly happy people are never jealous of other people’s success

“Success didn’t spoil me, I’ve always been insufferable.”

Fran Lebowitz

“Be positive” has become the new way of telling someone to “cheer up.”

Just because the request isn’t illegal or even really unethical doesn’t mean you have no choice but to heed the demand

The pessimist is that the optimist sees difficulties as specific, while the pessimist sees them as pervasive

“One’s real life is often the life that one does not lead.”

Oscar Wilde

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