Week 46 Inspiration 2017

No organization can deliver breakout results when its employees are unable to recover from work

Your people depend on you not just for ideas, but for coordination, too

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Walt Disney

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Finding new customers is hard

Public speaking is an art form like any other

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

Harry Truman

Positive words can generate positive energy both in yourself and in others

Differentiation happens when you authentically amplify the best of you

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking that they can’t lose.”

Bill Gates

Just like a muscle, our lives require conditioning

A lot of people like to think that validation is agreeing with someone. It’s not

“The best minds are not in government. If any were, business would hire them away.”

Ronald Reagan

How we think about our anxiety is what will create our relationship to the emotion itself

There are ways to lesson your boss’s impact on your success and well-being

“If I am dreaming let me never awake, If I am awake let me never sleep”

Chinese Proverb

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