Who Do You Work for?

If your answer is that you work for your employer, means that you were brainwashed completely and you don’t know who do you work for and there is little chance to think that you actually work for yourself.

And I am not talking about being a self-employed entrepreneur.

“This company is my life and I’d do anything for it” – it’s such a fake and strained slogan; this slogan should serve as the preface of the “How to handle a butt-kisser!”, a book that’s available in the virtual library of every company, either small or big.

Even if you admit or not, you work for yourself. Period.

who do you work for

Each of us should work for ourselves, to strive for our benefit and our family’s benefit. It’s preferable, though, that the evolution should be a very good one; the company should benefit in turn from this evolution, considering that it pays for your services. Build a personal brand for yourself doing the best you can, we spoke about this in previous posts and the personal performance should improve from “one season to the other”.

And if you’re still in doubt about the job/personal life balance, try a simple exercise of imagination. A rough one…

Imagine that you were fired or that the company went bankrupt and you are in dry dock, well… bummer!

Now imagine that you lost a dear one… I know, you can’t; there will never be a fair comparison between the two.

I hope that you reconsider the “equilibrium” between the personal and professional life. Think about this when you realize it’s the fourth time this week when you get home tired, at 9 p.m on a Thursday and… this is your daily schedule, not “one of those weeks”.

If at home doesn’t feel right, sooner or later neither will at work.

Good Luck Succeeding!

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