How’s Your Daily Workout to Strengthen your Personal Brand?

You often hear different opinions on brands and how you workout on them and each of these opinions will highlight either something good or bad. When a reputed brand is cited for something very good or very bad, and we are not talking about those that ‘fill the gaps’, they get stuck with a “label” which is usually very difficult to unstick and most often is true.

The same happens with employees.

They create a personal brand for themselves and the brand gets promoted in the organization and even outside the organization; in most cases the phrase: “Sure I know George, he’s super cool! He knows a lot, always helpful, he’s a complete joy to work with.”  clearly shows their notoriety.

So why would a colleague recruiting for a new project, pick you in his team?

Why not consider an opportunity in the company as leverage to bring up the personal branding you have been working on?

What do you have that makes a difference? … this kind of sums up personal branding.


And if you are under the illusion that the personal branding arrogance was the product of corporations, consider kindergarten choices, who do you choose to play with and why.

That’s exactly how personal branding works and of course the other way round.

Be careful not to be ducked and in case you were ‘someone’, try not to waste all that work.

Consider that this year you won the championship, but next year you start fresh, you don’t get a head-start from the other ‘competitors’.

Good luck succeeding with your personal branding!

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