Counting Only on the Yearly Evaluation is Dumb

Yes, you read well, it’s dumb to wait the yearly evaluation as the only way to manage your people and their performance. You cannot count only on these (yearly) evaluations and expect them to perform well.

yearly evaluation

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It’s like telling a child they should end up the school year with the best grades. When the school year ends you ask for the report card, so you give them the ultimate mark, without providing any help through the year. Doesn’t work like that. Not even if it’s a good kid.

Getting back to performance management, as manager you should have permanent contact with the employee’s evolution if you care about the results they deliver. If you do this only once or twice per year, it will reflect poorly on you.

Performance evaluation has its clear benefits and I don’t think will be given up soon, no matter how much we write on the topic. The bigger the organization, the bigger the need for such a performance measurement system, which should regulate the performance management processes, at least on minimal level.

When an employee performs good or bad, you don’t have to wait six months or a year to reflect on it. Formally or informally, you need to measure periodically what’s happening, thus you end the year with less risks.

Many times, companies opt in for this approach: “Let’s do the evaluation among others, it’s only a formality, I see your daily performance anyway”, without emphasizing enough what has happened during the year. If you hold these meetings as mini-evaluations (weekly/monthly), both parties with achieve objectives easier. Also, the formal yearly evaluation process will go smoothly, especially when we take into consideration new employees.

I recommend that when you hold a performance evaluation, either formally or not, put the emphasis on the future, not on the past. Specific feedback should be provided consistently, daily if possible, not yearly.

Good luck managing!

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