What Can You Do With An Annoying Colleague?

Each organization has one annoying colleague or more. In order to determine just how annoying that person is, there should be more than one person being bothered by their behavior. Except if you are the annoying one 🙂


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There are also those who make you wonder if they are really employed by the company, or you are on a candid camera show; their level of annoyance is that high and they keep working on getting better. The best part is that you can ignore them and there are still ways to get rid of them. The bad thing is that they rarely leave willingly or correct their behavior.

Types of annoying colleagues who can be spotted at the office:

  • The SPAM colleague who comes to visit without being called, just to hang out with you. It doesn’t matter if you have a separate office or work in open space, they will still come over. You can only get rid of them by making them angry and upset over you. The bad thing is that they don’t cling on sorrow and you’d soon start over;
  • The one that doesn’t give a rat’s … on your time and constantly shows up late at any meeting or they forget to leave. This one is a close relative to the one above and you can get them on the move by reminding them about the meeting five minute before it starts. Under no reason postpone the meeting because of them, as they will be offended if left aside;
  • The mockers or the ones who make fun of everyone. Simply ignoring them will leave them out of ammunition;
  • The “know it all” type who no matter what you say, they know better and even more than you ever will. You can get rid of them with good arguments;
  • The gossipers are those who follow no rules and no matter the situation, everyone becomes a target. Even you think they does this only with you, they don’t. When you see the gossip is about to start, best thing is to leave the group;
  • The non-stop talker, the one who simply doesn’t stop. And talks out loud, very loud;
  • The negativist, the one for whom everything sucks, is shitty, no matter the topic. They constantly complains, from paycheck to toilet paper color. They are also those that don’t do anything to change this horrible situation and leave for a place that fits them perfectly;
  • The grudger is the one who tells you how everything you do they can do it better. They tell how much you suck, while they are the center of the world.

As much as your patience allows it, try to be diplomat with the ones mentioned above. In some cases, you can have remarkable results, while in others… at least you’ve tried. Don’t encourage them, because such behaviors are generated from other people’s reactions.

If you are a manager, don’t imagine that the above mentioned risks will bypass you ranking wise. If you are holding a management position you present greater risk for the organization and there will be very few people able to tell you this.

Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental and those who feel triggered may also be present. Please do no print this in order to place it at the notice board for your internal “stars” 🙂

Good luck being patient!

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