What Do You Do On Autopilot?

What do you mean you don’t work on autopilot? You may very well think you don’t, but you have another thing coming. Autopilot is that thing in your car you set to speed limit and the car drives itself without you hitting gas.


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Some activities turned into daily routine and you can get them on autopilot, for good or bad.

This may provide some kind of stability in your daily schedule, but can also drive you out of the creative ‘club’ of people who wish to do something else than just focusing on their regular duties.

When you consider what you did the other week and can’t remember much, there is a chance you were running on autopilot. This doesn’t mean that you didn’t perform your tasks or achieved your objectives; it simply means that the routine may have settled to a degree it completely taken you over.

Now getting back to driving, when you learned to drive you found it to be fascinating or even complicated. You had a lot of difficulties in clenching the pedals, shifting gears, looking into the mirrors and signaling – while now they all seem routine. Even so, I hope you are a responsible driver, and not start fancying live broadcasts or driving through park alleys.

Our daily routine helps a lot with increasing productivity and progress in general, but not if taken to the extreme. When you go to the potty you are definitely on auto-pilot, you don’t asses every step, you do it automatically. Thus, this enables you to allot more time to focus on more important activities, such as reading on your smartphone…

The greatest risk you can take in your career is that your works turns dull and you no longer care. It may transform into a tedious job, which sooner or later will not provide satisfactions or prevent you from performing as expected.

When you are on autopilot you ignore other important things, little things you miss, such as enjoying what you do or doing more/doing something different every day. And it should not be necessarily work related!

Try to do things differently every now and then, you may gain unforeseen perspectives.

Good luck succeeding!

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